4 Excellent WordPress Social Networking Themes 2017

WP Themes Posted on December 19th, 2016

4 Excellent WordPress Social Networking Themes 2017



Social networking in today's time has almost become the air we breathe. Simply, no website for online activity today can exclude the integration of social media networking. Because of this magnanimous rise of social media, more & more people are accepting...

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thesis related on the effects of social networking Essays ...

thesis related on the effects of social networking Essays and Term Papers


.............................................................................................................10 Statement of the Problem This study focuses on time management and its factors. It seeks to answer the following

Words: 1317 - Pages: 6

popular. It is a...

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18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets - Social ...

18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets

March 25, 2012


Social Networks For Petlovers

As part of my niche social network series, today I am going to cast a light on social networks for pets! Yes, that's right, social media networks for Pets-Lovers, Owners and their pets. With over 170 million dog and cat owners in North America alone, there is clearly a strong social community...

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Semantic Networks and Social Networks ~ Stephen Downes

Purpose: To illustrate the need for social network metadata within semantic metadata.

Design/methodology/approach: Surveys properties of social networks and the semantic web, suggests that social network analysis applies to semantic content, argues that semantic content is more searchable if social network metadata is merged with semantic web metadata.

Findings: The use of social network metadata...

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How To Set Social Networking Policies for Employees ...

Establishing a clear set of social networking policies is important to both the security of your business and of your employees.

By  Diana Kelley  |  Posted April 20, 2010




These days it seems that just about everyone and everything has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and/or blog. Employees that have responsibility for updating or managing the official Starbucks or Walmart...

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Biological network - Wikipedia

Network biology and bioinformatics[ edit ]

Complex biological systems may be represented and analyzed as computable networks. For example, ecosystems can be modeled as networks of interacting species or a protein can be modeled as a network of amino acids. Breaking a protein down farther, amino acids can be represented as a network of connected atoms , such as carbon , nitrogen , and oxygen ....

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61+ social media facts and statistics you should know in 2016


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Social media continues to increasingly embed itself in our lives. Are you interested in using social media to grow your audience and generate a positive ROI on social media marketing?

If so, only by understanding the scope and breadth of social media use can we be in a position to harness its potential. And in doing so be better prepared as businesses and marketers to meet our...

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Unique Social Network

DewaNations is a very unique social network. On DewaNations, you can become the president, vice president, governor, mayor or just simply an average citizen.

Travel Around The World

With DewaNations App, you will learn about different cultures, enjoy viewing great destinations and listen to local music right there from your device.

The 5 Sectors

Browse and share on our...

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Social Media Advertising: The Complete Guide

Image via Matt Wade under CC0 1.0

Social Media Advertising: The Complete Guide

HootSuite Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google +

It's no secret that digital advertising has become a key part of most marketing campaigns. Internet advertising spend overtook newspaper ad spending way back in 2013 , and eMarketer predicts that it will overtake TV ad spending for the first time by the end of this year. The...

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4 Components Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

4 Components Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

Are you in the throes of planning a social media campaign? Columnist Sonny Ganguly details four key components that will expand your social reach and improve your bottom line.

Sonny Ganguly on September 4, 2015 at 12:43 pm


As social media continues to grow as a proven marketing strategy, the marketing industry has seen an increase in clever and...

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Location-Based Social Networks - Microsoft Research

Users can easily access a new location

User experience/knowledge changes fast

Selected Representative Research

Inferring User Similarity Based on Location History

Abstract: An individual's location history in the real world implies, to some extent, her interests and behaviors. Accordingly, people who share similar location histories are likely to have common interests and behavior. This paper...

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Home - Irish Social Enterprise Network - Socent.ie

Irish Social Enterprise Network

Social Enterprise in Ireland has a new home. We are here to help social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in getting their idea off the ground and providing the supports to grow. We are here to build a network that will change and impact their social mission as well as foster an entrepreneurial sphere of passionate and groundbreaking models of...

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104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for ...

Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Flipboard 13


Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle. They prefer searching to being found, and will often be close to their final decision point before talking to a salesperson.

Source: WebDAM

In response, marketers are...

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A social network for 'off-gridders' | MNN - Mother Nature ...

A social network for 'off-gridders'

Off-grid guru offers a social network and news source for people looking to drop out of the grind and to power up with solar.


Photo: Off-grid.net

The economy is tanking, the Gulf is full of oil, and the U.S. is experiencing record heat waves. With gas and food prices set to spike in the next few years, many professionals are starting to eye the exit door. Now a growing online community of off-gridders is here to help them.

Aussie author Nick Rosen became fascinated by America's...

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How Social Media Addiction is Bad for Mental Health ...

One of the greatest chapters in the book of internet is social media. It facilitates our communications with friends and family regardless of location, provides access to information scattered over the web in one place and also promotes new acquaintances. Social media networks have undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives today because they are quite practical and convenient. However, the...

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PepsiCo Introduces Social Vending System™, the Next ...

PepsiCo Introduces Social Vending System[TM], the Next Generation in Interactive Vend Technology

� 4/27/2011

Engaging Platform Delivers Consumers Entertainment and Fun Along With Beverages - Gift a Friend, Share a Video, Commit "Random Acts of Refreshment"

Innovative Technology Reinforces Company's Commitment To Developing "Smart" Equipment

PURCHASE, NY, April 27, 2011 -Today, PepsiCo (NYSE:...

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Why Social Media Advertising Is Set To ... - Marketing Land

Social media advertising has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. When Facebook launched its first advertising option in May 2005, no one could have predicted that social media advertising revenue would be estimated to reach $8.4 billion in 2015,�just ten years later.

Online advertising is a natural choice for modern businesses, but after the decline of the banner ad ,...

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Dairy Queen the Latest Fast-Food Brand in Social Media ...

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Dairy Queen the Latest Fast-Food Brand in Social Media Crosshairs


By  Jerry Ascierto

Given their broad franchise networks and large customer base--and of course their huge social media audiences--fast-food chains can be seen as guinea pigs for how the public discourse is digitally evolving.

Consider the latest high-profile example of how a single Facebook...

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Asia Friendfinder - Dating Site for Asian Singles

What is Asia Friendfinder all about?

Asia Friendfinder is the largest online internet Asian dating and social networking site to meet single Asian women and Asian men across the world. We are the first Asian dating web site catering specifically to Asians. We bring Asian singles together to encourage Asian dating because we believe that it is important to bring like-minded Asian singles together...

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Seoul Declaration of the Global Social Forum 2013 | RIPESS ...

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Seoul Declaration of the Global Social Forum 2013


Click here to download the PDF version

Global Crisis and Social Economy

The financial crisis of 2008, which triggered the European fiscal crisis in 2011, has eventually led to recent financial instability in Asian countries and in resource-abundant nations. It is undeniable that undue emphasis on...

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Directory | Brighton & Hove Social Enterprise Network

hiSbe Food is a different kind of supermarket! We're on a mission to break the mould, by putting customers, suppliers and employees first.

20 York Pl, BN1...

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SMO/SMM Services, Social Media Optimization Services ...

o Video and photo sharing

o Contributing to RSS feeds


» Viral Marketing :

Viral marketing, this a technique of Search Engine marketing by which one can popularize an idea/product or service on Internet through submitting relevant information multiple times about a website on WEB 2.0 sites. According to Wikipedia "Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing...

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Social entrepreneurship - The Canadian Social ...

Funds: CSI Ontario Social Enterprise Funding Program

ENP-TO provides grants of up to $10,000!

What Is A Social Entrepreneur?

Related News

National & Global Newss Bytes

Moving towards a socially aware culture

The job of a social entrepreneur is to recognize when a part of society is stuck and to provide new ways to get unstuck. The Social Entrepreneur finds what is not working and solves the problem by...

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The best social media platforms for business

If your company is just starting out on the Web and need to pick a few social media networks to rule over, here is our guide to choosing the best platform(s) for your business, and how to make the most out of them.

1. Twitter

Who should use it: Everyone - from individuals to the largest multinational corporations

What to share: Start, join, and lead...

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How to Avoid Social Media Burnout: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Community Q&A

Whether you're immersed in social media for a living, for fun or perhaps for a little of each, using it can sometimes overwhelm you, particularly where you're signed up to a range of networks. Social media burnout happens when what was once fun and enjoyable turns into a chore, paving the way for either avoidance or half-hearted interactions. If you're feeling burned out in the...

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Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends ...

- Quickfire: Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube


2016 has been another record-setting year for Facebook. In their latest earnings report , the Menlo Park-based company shared that it earned $7.01 billion in revenue during Q3 2016 and now has 1.79 billion monthly users (up 16% from Q3 2015).

Here're some highlights from Facebook's 2016:

Significant launches

Marketplace : A convenient...

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5 social media trends that are changing Asia | World ...

Each year, the world's biggest online shopping day isn't Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it's Singles Day, a Chinese holiday in November when young people celebrate (or lament) being single. On Single's Day last year, the Alibaba group conducted $9.3 billion in commerce through its marketplaces in just 24 hours, blowing away all online sales records . Nearly 50% of sales volume was via mobile, up...

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Snyder's-Lance, Inc. - Annual Report

Snyder's-Lance, Inc., a North Carolina corporation, was formed from the merger of Lance, Inc. ("Lance") and Snyder's of Hanover, Inc. ("Snyder's") in 2010 ("Merger"). We are a national snack food company with category-leading brands, an expansive Branded product portfolio, complementary manufacturing capabilities and a national distribution network. Our brands include Snyder's of Hanover ® , the...

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How South Africa Uses Social Media | Inbound

You are here: Home / Social Media / How South Africa uses social media

How South Africa uses social media

February 10, 2014

by Kelly Smith Ossaga Leave a Comment

Towards the end of 2013, World Wide Worx and Fuseware released their latest statistics on the state of social media in South Africa: The most popular platforms, and how subscribers are using them to communicate.

While some of the results...

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Sustainability organizations - Wikipedia

Social Licence - does contribute to revenue generation but worthy of own section

Legal and regulatory pressures[ edit ]

US Clean Air Act

US Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

US Clean Water Act

Agriculture[ edit ]

Sustainable agriculture incorporates design and management procedures that coincide with natural processes in order to conserve all resources and minimize waste production and...

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