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The Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The best social media platforms for business

If your company is just starting out on the Web and need to pick a few social media networks to rule over, here is our guide to choosing the best platform(s) for your business, and how to make the most out of them.

1. Twitter

Who should use it: Everyone - from individuals to the largest multinational corporations

What to share: Start, join, and lead...

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Google Shuts Down its Orkut Social Network -

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The Future of Social Media is Audio & Video



When sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, I tend to stick with simple text-based posts. These short blurbs are typically easy to read, digest or reshare at the whim of my followers, and are, in my opinion, the most hassle-free...

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Preggie: A Social Network for Pregnant Woman


In your personal profile, you indicate what stage of the pregnancy you're at too, which should go some way towards connecting you with the most suitable online buddies. To sign up, you don't need to provide any email address or anything (this is optional) - just a username, and...

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The mega guide to ideal image sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn ...


There's so much to consider in creating great images for social media--for me, the size and shape tend to...

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