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Compensatory or expectation damages[ edit ]

Compensatory damages are paid to compensate the claimant for loss, injury, or harm suffered as a result of (see requirement of causation ) another's breach of duty. (e.g., in a negligence claim under tort law). Expectation damages are used in contract law. [2]

Quantum (measure) of damages[ edit ]

Liability (to pay some...

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Damage | Definition of Damage by Merriam-Webster

Legal Definition of damage

1 :  loss or harm resulting from injury to person, property, or reputation

2 pl :  the money awarded to a party in a civil suit as reparation for the loss or injury for which another is liable -- see also additur , cover , mitigate , remittitur -- compare declaratory judgment at judgment 1a, injunction , specific performance at performance Editor's note: The trier of...

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Crisis Management and Communications | Institute for ...

by W. Timothy Coombs


Crisis management is a critical organizational function.  Failure can result in serious harm to stakeholders, losses for an organization, or end its very existence.  Public relations practitioners are an integral part of crisis management teams.  So a set of best practices and lessons gleaned from our knowledge of crisis management would be a very useful...

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Compensation for reputation loss and hurt feelings - Maybe ...

There is a long line of cases which established the principle that compensation by way of damages are generally not recoverable for injured feelings or distress arising out of an employer's breach of an employment contract.


Historically, damages in an unfair dismissal case were generally limited to the amount of the salary, which would have been paid over the notice period plus any commission,...

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Lawstuff Australia - Know Your Rights - - Topics - Defamation

If someone has said something about you online:

1. Ask them to take it down

2. Report it to the social media site or site owner.

3. Only if these two things don't work, then seek legal advice.

What is 'defamation'?

Defamation is when someone spreads false rumours about you and as a result hurts your reputation.� Basically, you can sue someone for defamation if they say something untrue to other...

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The Cost of a Bad Reputation | ReputationManagement.com

The Cost of a Bad Reputation

Staff June 25, 2015

the cost of a bad reputation https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicmcphee/

What's the cost of a bad reputation? For United Airlines, one incident rang up at about $180 million.

After the airline damaged his guitar and refused to pay for it -- even though he witnessed them manhandling it -- musician David Caroll wrote a song, United Breaks Guitars . It...

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