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Reputation Management 101: Where to Monitor Your Online ...

People are talking online. Do you know what they're saying about you? You should.

Working to build a great reputation is important, but just as essential is monitoring the reputation you have right now. It can help you identify trouble early on, as well as let you know when things are going well. You can find positive stories you may want to highlight, as well as complaints and other issues that...

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The Cost of a Bad Reputation |

The Cost of a Bad Reputation

Staff June 25, 2015

the cost of a bad reputation

What's the cost of a bad reputation? For United Airlines, one incident rang up at about $180 million.

After the airline damaged his guitar and refused to pay for it -- even though he witnessed them manhandling it -- musician David Caroll wrote a song, United Breaks Guitars . It...

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With search results quickly becoming the modern first impression,...

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