The Cost of a Bad Reputation |

The Cost of a Bad Reputation

Staff June 25, 2015

the cost of a bad reputation

What's the cost of a bad reputation? For United Airlines, one incident rang up at about $180 million.

After the airline damaged his guitar and refused to pay for it -- even though he witnessed them manhandling it -- musician David Caroll wrote a song, United Breaks Guitars . It...

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Internet reputation repair to fix bad reviews – The Search ...

Bad Search Results? We've got you.

Internet reputation repair to fix bad reviews

by The Search Fixers



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When you have negative information regarding your business on the internet, it can be a hassle to fix bad reviews . It can hurt your business drastically and steer away potential customers. Of course, this is always a risk when you are running a business. The internet today is...

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online reputation management software - Online Reputation ...

Your competitors


The software shows the alert and it allows you to go straight to the page where the alert has come from, whether it was on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.





The main uses of the software will probably be for REPUTATION MANAGEMENT and CUSTOMER SERVICE, I've already...

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How much does personal online reputation repair cost ...

Long-term reputation management strategy is mandatory in most repair cases.

That is why you'll find that hiring someone to fix your online reputation is VERY EXPENSIVE.

Look around, you'll see that online reputation management campaigns are priced at $2500-$10,000 a month and up. High-profile personal online reputation management, or major online crisis control can run into the hundreds of...

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69 Social Media Job Interview Questions |

Jeremy Reis Career and Jobs 2 Comments

Social media is a very important channel for companies to communicate in. We're not going to rehash all of the big numbers showing how important Facebook is or all of the celebrities using Twitter. We do believe it's a large communication medium where you can reach a large number of potential customers. There are companies making money on social media and if...

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