30 Top Social Media Sites to Market Your Small Business ...

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The coming of social media has really been the game changer in the way we carry out business marketing and related activities. Their birth has made custom targeting of prospective customers a breeze. It has enhanced our ability to communicate directly with those we seek to reach.

However, are all social media websites best for business use? Below we disclose...

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AC Online: College Student Guide to Professional Social ...

Social media is playing a larger part in how companies consider your employment. More hiring managers today are looking at applicants' social profiles before making hiring decisions. Employers aren't just looking for blatantly bad behavior, though. They also want to make sure you'll be a great addition to their team.

In today's competitive job market, it is important for you to stand out on...

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Online survey software tool | QuestionPro online surveys ...


Create Surveys

Quickly create online surveys and polls with our intuitive web based software tool. You can create your own survey, copy a professionally written survey template, or upload your survey directly from a Word file. With over 30 question types and dozens of color themes, QuestionPro makes it easy to create great looking questionnaires and surveys.



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Block Websites, Filter Adult Content and Restrict Social ...

For example, if you want to block social networking sites but don't want to restrict up to the level of High, you can customize the Low filtering level. This will tick the Custom option, but prepopulate with the categories usually included in Low.

Simply pick and choose what you want to block and then click Apply.

Settings usually take about 3 minutes to take effect.

Once they kick in, sites that...

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Gephi - Wikipedia

Initially developed by students of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) [4] in France, Gephi has been selected for the Google Summer of Code in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Its last version, 0.9.0 has been launched in December 2015, [5] with an update in February 2016 [6] (0.9.1). Previous versions are 0.6.0 (2008), 0.7.0 (2010), 0.8.0 (2011), 0.8.1 (2012) and 0.8.2 (2013). [7]

The Gephi Consortium, created in 2010, is a French non-profit...

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Date: 2017-03-06 00:46:07
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Social media's impact on elections,Social Media's deep ...

Social Media's deep Influence in 2014 Lok Sabha Election in India,lok sabha elections 2014,Digital media, Social media,General elections,2014 elections,Facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, lok sabha

Parent Category: Indian Politics

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 January 2015 20:53

Social Media's deep Influence in 2014 Lok Sabha Election in India, Social media impact on elections, Detail case...

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10 Tips for Avoiding Ethical Lapses When Using Social Media

10 Tips for Avoiding Ethical Lapses When Using Social Media

Christina Vassiliou Harvey, Mac R....

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How Many People Use the Top Social Media, Apps ... - DMR

what do you think that makes google+ not as big as facebook?

Thank you..

*ps: i need your comment for your research plan


Hi austi, there are a number of reasons, but the biggest factor is longevity. FB has a big head start on G+. G+ has gained an enormous amount of users in less than 2 years by integrating its other products into it. G+ has done very well in certain demos, but has not penetrated others which is why their TV ads are clearly not aimed at a demo that is currently using the product. I hope this helps


Hi Craig. Like everyone else, love the list...

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Marketing: 30 Free Social Media Tools to Cover Every Need

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Social Media Listening Tools

Hootsuite - A heavyweight compared to some on this list, it offers simple social listening (with weekly analytics reports) as well as publishing and engagement features.

It covers Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. There is a free 30-day trial, and the most basic package is free.

Google Alerts - Google Alerts is a free and...

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Negatives - Social Media - Players - The PFA


Social Media, the Negatives

Issues relating to football are often of interest to the public. It is important therefore to recognise that everything you say may be obtained and published by the media and may be misreported or misinterpreted, even if you had intended the content to be uncontroversial.

Recent cases have established that anything posted on a social networking site, regardless of the intended recipient, may be considered public information.

As blogging is therefore considered to be information...

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Top 25 Free or Cheap Reputation Management Web Apps - UpCity

February 26, 2013 Reputation Management 0

Managing your online reputation is critical today. Anyone, anywhere can pretty much publish anything they want about you at any time. Sure, you can try to remedy issues when you're aware of them--and that's exactly where online reputation monitoring comes in. Because if you don't know it's there, you can't address it.

The task seems daunting. You have so...

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The ultimate beginner’s guide to e-commerce | Webdesigner ...

The ultimate beginner's guide to e-commerce

By Vitaly Gonkov o Posted Jul. 14, 2015 o Reading time: 22 minutes


Ok, here is the scenario: you've developed a brand-new product or created an extremely useful service that's ready to be shared with the world. But there is just one snag: you have little or no knowledge of how to effectively sell online.

You�need a set of tools to help you set up,...

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Role and Impact of social media in India | My India

Home / India Society Blogs / Impact of Social Media in India

Impact of Social Media in India

May 25, 2013

by Ramandeep Kaur

After 'tech savvy' it is the 'social media savvy' that has become synonymous with today's generation. About 2/3rd of Indians online spend time on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Even the trend of sending personal emails...

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7 Social Media Technology Trends that are foolish to ignore

Implementing new social media tools and making technical changes to your online presence can have a serious positive or negative impact to your business.

In this article we explore 7 technology trends that may have a significant impact to your business that you need to be aware of.


1.  Google Redefining itself

Google is going through a radical transformation on how it gathers information and...

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Entheos Templates | Best Website Templates

Our awesome templates include responsive web templates, HTML5, CSS & jQuery website templates, single page website templates, Flash templates, ecommerce website templates, wordpress themes, Joomla templates, Facebook templates and more! Our templates include the source files so it can be customized completely. Our latest templates are on the cutting edge of web design and technology and include...

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The Paid Focus Group Network Home

The Paid Focus Group Network

Get paid for participating in a local focus group, online focus group, or make money by participating in a Nationwide research study by telephone. 


Browse our focus group database and register with market research companies in the 

United States. 

Get Paid Focus Groups Live delivered by email

Companies in the United States and around the world desperately need your opinion to evaluate new consumer products, foods, and services. These same companies value consumer opinions and are willing to pay you, the...

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The Many Types Of Marketing - Design And Promote

The Many Types Of Marketing

Nov 05, 2014


Lots of people are talking about all the new forms of marketing a company can pursue. It's true, certain traditional marketing has been around for a long time and is still used today, but with the Internet now playing such a huge role in any company's success, people are coming out with more and more ways to market their products or services....

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The Best Times to Post on Social Media ... - ShortStack

Have you wondered about the times of day your content is most likely to be shared on social media networks?

Do you know during which days of the week your followers are the most highly engaged?

Is the time of engagement different on Facebook than on Twitter or on Instagram? 

Creating and posting awesome content on social media platforms...

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Social Media Marketing Services - TopRank® Marketing

Website Analytics & Conversion Optimization

Social Media Marketing Services

The experimentation era in social media marketing is long over. Social media has proven to be a viable and potentially lucrative marketing channel for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, across the globe. As more and more companies jump on the social media bandwagon, it is more important now than ever that you provide value, not add to the clutter already on the social web. ??The reigning champions of social media are the brands that listen to their community, and deliver worthwhile information based...

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Using Social Media to Network & Search | Career Services

Social media is a powerful tool that connects you with professionals, alumni, recruiters and organizations. To help you get a handle on your profiles, we offer workshops each semester on how to use social media as part of a comprehensive strategy. In the meantime, boost your professional presence starting today.

Put Your Profiles to Work

There's a reason social sites are called networks. Here are...

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