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Welcome to the most comprehensive 2017 Social Media Conferences Guide online!

Your number one resource to find the best, top voted, must-attend social media conferences for 2017 . If you know of an event that is not in the list below, please submit that event to us so we can add it to the list. If you have attended any of...

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5 Social Media Predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

Advertising and Marketing Blog

5 Social Media Predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

Which emerging social platforms should brands be watching in 2017? How will the big networks change? Which shifts in consumer behavior could have important consequences?

To find out, check out MDG Advertising's new infographic, 5 Social Media Predictions for 2017. We've looked into our crystal ball--and examined a...

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Social Media Conference – Social Media Results For PR & Comms

Social Media Results Conference - Practical Strategies, Maximum Impact: To view the full conference programme, click here .

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chair's Opening Remarks

Liam Harrington, Co-Founder & CEO, UNILAD

Bradley Tooth, Social Media Manager, Telefónica UK

Xander Kaplan, Senior Brand Manager, Digital &...

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Social Media Marketing Magazine: Home

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Magazine's

innovative editorial approach features the expertise

of a number of marketing leaders from the business,

publishing, and academic...

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Introduction to Social Media | University Communications ...

Introduction to Social Media

When used properly, social media can be a valuable addition to a department's communications strategy. Because many employees have expressed an interest in developing and maintaining a social media presence in personal and professional capacities, the Office of University Communications and Marketing has crafted the following...

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How social media impacts the health care industry - Carrington

The rise of social media in the world has affected many different aspects of our lives. From the way we communicate with others to how we shop, dine and travel, social media has impacted how efficient and informed we are. Its impact on the health care industry is evident as well. Mobile phones and applications have become an integral part of our lives. The internet allows people to research...

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Five Online Data and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT ...


Online data and open-source intelligence are increasingly becoming part of everyday discussion. Our industry continues to grow over time, bringing forth exciting ways in which data can benefit your organization. Here are five open-source intelligence (OSINT) trends to be monitoring in 2017 and moving forward.

1. Social media platforms will further restrict access to their data for law...

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Inequality, jobless youth and social media will be a ...

Inequality, jobless youth and social media will be a combustible mix for 2017

Andrew Hammond



The United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union. The election of Donald Trump as US president. The rejection of Italian PM Matteo Renzi's constitutional referendum. All of these events have contributed to the view that 2016 was a pivotal year in the growing anti-establishment,...

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Ampere Analysis – Understanding the Future of Television

Social Media platforms are yet to be content with media content

Over the past few years, improvements in video technology (both network and device) has enabled social media platforms to focus on video.  The platforms want to make social media the place to go for short - and live - videos on top of connecting with friends and family.  Since 2016, deals for exclusive rights to live, short form...

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Social media 'influencer' platform Tribe raises $5.35m for ...

Social media 'influencer' platform Tribe raises $5.35m for global expansion


Tribe founder Jules Lund (left) and chief executive Anthony Svirskis are keen to push into international markets.

Wayne Taylor

by Paul Smith

Social media marketing start-up Tribe has closed a $5.35 million Series A funding round as it seeks to invest more in its technology and kick-off international expansion...

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Former girlfriend of Bryce Cartwright charged after string ...

Bryce Cartwright. 

Photo: Getty Images

Hura was granted police bail and will appear in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday, December 20.

Police had been investigating a string of vile social media posts aimed at Cartwright.

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Cartwright targeted by social media posts

The messages, allegedly posted by Hura, included a threat to put the 22-year-old "six feet under ... Bro, you're gone ... chick chick pew."

The account, which posted images of the couple and a string...

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4Hoteliers | Hotel & Hospitality Featured Articles

Social Media - To Post or Not to Post.

Having an active social media presence, and a strong one at that, has never been more important! Not only has social media provided convenient means to engage with...

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Executive Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Executive Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Programme Objectives

Upon successful completion of this programme, students are expected to be able to:

assess and adopt different digital marketing channels such as email marketing, online PR, search engine marketing and mobile marketing as appropriate;

develop digital marketing plans for organizations;

utilize the latest digital media...

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Global social media ranking 2017 | Statistic

Complete Source Details

About This Statistic

This statistic provides information on the most popular networks worldwide as of January 2017, ranked by number of active accounts. Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at 1.87 billion monthly active users. Sixth-ranked photo-sharing app Instagram had over 600 million monthly...

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Permanent Firefighters - Fire and Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is not currently recruiting Permanent Firefighters. Once the 2017 recruitment campaign is confirmed, information will be posted here and on our social media sites.

Our world-class emergency service organisation relies on intelligent, highly skilled, ethical and professional individuals from all backgrounds. We look for people who can commit to FRNSW's values and contribute to our fire education and prevention programs,...

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Website: http://www.fire.nsw.gov.au

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How to Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will ...

August 12, 2016 // 8:00 AM

How to Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will Notice [Free 2017 Templates + Samples]


It's ironic, but despite knowing how to sell products and services, so many marketers have a hard time selling themselves. It can often be difficult to turn the spotlight inward, but creating a standout resume is a skill all marketers need to perfect if they want to grow...

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What Are the Best Emerging Tech Stocks to Buy In 2017?

The Top Emerging Tech Stocks

Many investors might be wondering where to put their money. The markets bounced back promptly, setting record highs. The NASDAQ 100, which consists of about 100 companies (many of which are in the technology sector), rose by about five percent in 2016. But this does not mean there have not been big movers in the technology space. Tech stocks have both lost and gained....

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Free Digital Marketing Webinars | eMarketer

Marketing Technology 2017--It's More Than Just the Stack

As marketing technology becomes a standard part of managing a business, many companies have become comfortable enough with the concept to shift away from their initial focus on platforms and to focus instead on data. Topics in this webinar include: The current state of marketing tech adoption and the most common tools being used; Why the...

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Online Marketing Seminar, Marketing Training Seminars ...

The Infinite Story Loop: How to Create Amazing Stories for Marketing

Broadcast on Mar 7, 2017 with John Lane, Hannah Hamza

Join us for this free seminar where we'll detail some of the timeless elements of storytelling that you can employ to create better marketing. We'll answer the question: What can you publish today that will reinforce the story you want to create over the long term? We'll...

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Penrith Panthers star Bryce Cartwright targeted by social ...

Social media storm: Bryce Cartwright. 

Photo: Getty Images

The account was suspended but the NRL Integrity Unit is believed to be in possession of the messages and has already spoken to the Panthers, who count Cartwright as arguably the best prospect in a club laden with future internationals. 

"The NRL Integrity Unit is aware of online activity relating to Bryce Cartwright and has asked the...

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