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I. Kloumann, L. Adamic, J. Kleinberg, S. Wu. The Lifecycles of Apps in a Social Ecosystem. Proc. 24th International World Wide Web Conference, 2015.

J. Cheng, L. Adamic, A. Dow, J. Kleinberg, J. Leskovec. Can Cascades Be Predicted? Proc. 23rd International World Wide Web Conference, 2014.

See also the Facebook Data Science blog post about this work.

L. Backstrom, J. Kleinberg, L. Lee, C....

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Friendster - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Friendster was founded by Canadian computer programmer Jonathan Abrams [14] in 2002, before the wider adoption of MySpace (2003), Hi5 (2003), Facebook (2004) and other social networking sites . [15] Friendster was one of the first of these sites to attain over 1 million members, although it was preceded by several other smaller social networking sites such as (1997)...

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Biological network - Wikipedia

Network biology and bioinformatics[ edit ]

Complex biological systems may be represented and analyzed as computable networks. For example, ecosystems can be modeled as networks of interacting species or a protein can be modeled as a network of amino acids. Breaking a protein down farther, amino acids can be represented as a network of connected atoms , such as carbon , nitrogen , and oxygen ....

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Network science - Wikipedia

14 Notes

Background and history[ edit ]

The study of networks has emerged in diverse disciplines as a means of analyzing complex relational data. The earliest known paper in this field is the famous Seven Bridges of Königsberg written by Leonhard Euler in 1736. Euler's mathematical description of vertices and edges was the foundation of graph theory , a branch of mathematics that studies the...

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Application of social media in marketing of library and ...

PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. E-mail: dr.rubytariq (at)

Received December 1, 2011; Accepted May 14, 2012


The paper aims to explore different applications of social media for marketing of library and information resources and services. It investigates the respondent's attitude towards the...

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Date: 2012-08-01 22:45:43

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The Legal Implications of Social Networking: The Basics ...

Posted in ECPA, Social Networking

We are in the midst of a communications revolution.   Use of social media for communication purposes continues to grow, while "old school" messaging media like email is on the decline .  Facebook reportedly has reached 700 million users worldwide and is putatively valued at $50 billion dollars. Advertising revenue expected to be generated from social media is...

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Web 2.0 woven into health information's future | Articles ...

Web 2.0 woven into health information's future

�As use of web 2.0 tools becomes all pervasive, how can health and social care services embrace the technological, sociological and cultural changes to form part of the future of healthcare information? Helen Wilcox reports on a BCS Thought Leadership Debate, which considered that question.

Social networking and other collaborative tools are...

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Social information processing (theory) - Wikipedia

Social information processing theory focuses on the social processes that occur when two or more people are engaged in communication, similar to theories such as social presence theory , social penetration theory , and uncertainty reduction theory . What makes SIP different from these theories is its distinct focus on communication mediated solely by information and communications technologies ....

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13 Types of Social Media Platforms and Counting ...


13 Types of Social Media Platforms and Counting

When I talk to people about social media marketing, the overwhelming majority of people only think about Facebook. They think social media equals Facebook. Although that makes sense given the ubiquity and widespread adoption of this social network, it is NOT the only lemonade stand on the block! Social media has proliferated and evolved into...

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SMO/SMM Services, Social Media Optimization Services ...

o Video and photo sharing

o Contributing to RSS feeds


» Viral Marketing :

Viral marketing, this a technique of Search Engine marketing by which one can popularize an idea/product or service on Internet through submitting relevant information multiple times about a website on WEB 2.0 sites. According to Wikipedia "Viral marketing and viral advertising are buzzwords referring to marketing...

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23 Types of Social Media Sites | On Blogging Well

February 17th, 2010 | Wednesday is Friends Day

It's easier to navigate the maze of online social media sites if you understand the different site categories and the purpose of each type. The social media world consists of two segments: social and media. To optimize your experience with each type of social media, it's best to participate in the communities you choose to join.

Today's post supplies...

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100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom ...

Social media may have started out as a fun way to connect with friends, but it has evolved to become a powerful tool for education and business. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tools such as Skype are connecting students to learning opportunities in new and exciting ways. Whether you teach an elementary class, a traditional college class, or at an online university , you will find...

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Semantic network - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Example of a semantic network

"Semantic Nets" were first invented for computers by Richard H. Richens of the Cambridge Language Research Unit in 1956 as an " interlingua " for machine translation of natural languages .[ citation needed ]

They were independently developed by Robert F. Simmons, [2] Sheldon Klein, Karen McConologue, M. Ross Quillian [3] and others at System...

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