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How to Start a Social Networking Website | eHow



Social networking websites are used for business marketing, finding old friends and making new friends. Social networking is a phenomenon that has changed the way people in the world interact with each other and do business. Creating your own website allows you to showcase your passions and ideas online. However, you must dedicate the time to educate yourself about networking, options for building a website and tactics for managing a successful network.

Determine who your social networking website represents and what it's all about. Is your social website for fun, dating or business use? Decide if your networking website will be free to the...

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Social Networking Effects on Culture | eHow

Social networking creates an environment of connectedness previously unseen in many cultures. Prior to the explosion of social networking, individuals relied upon other forms of communication to stay in touch with friends and relatives, including telephone calls and electronic mail. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow people to stay connected to family and friends, as well...

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How to Create a 30-Second Elevator Pitch | eHow

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An elevator pitch is the term used to describe a brief speech you can use as an introduction to a prospective business client -- roughly the amount of time a standard elevator ride takes. An elevator pitch must be clear and comprehensive and should include your unique selling proposition, or what makes you different. The pitch can be used at networking events, to...

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Importance of Social Responsibility & Ethics | eHow

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The importance of social responsibility and ethics is largely subjective. Economist Milton Friedman wrote, in an article for the New York Times Magazine, that the sole purpose behind social responsibility in business is to increase profits. Where there is no potential for profit, philanthropy is comparable to theft from the stakeholders in the corporation. Whole...

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Healthcare Marketing Job Description | eHow

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Marketing can be found across all industries, including healthcare. Healthcare marketing professionals, also called marketing managers, directors or coordinators, are responsible for developing and executing marketing plans for hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care centers and other medical facilities. Similar to their counterparts in...

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