IAB Recognizes DOOH Media, Launches Buyers Guide ...

IAB Recognizes DOOH Media, Launches Buyers Guide

IAB's DOOH Buyers Guide Offers Media and Brand Professionals Primer On Using DOOH Media

NEW YORK, NY -- In the latest sign that DOOH media has reached a new milestone, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a Digital Out-of-Home Buyer's Guide , aimed at helping marketers and agencies understand the opportunities the medium delivers...

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Date: 2017-03-09 16:49:28
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How to Respond to Criticism of Your Social Media Marketing ...

No social media marketing campaign is a complete success. It never is. Although you may reach many more people than you could have ever imagined, more likely than not, you're still bound to upset some people and even potentially spark an inflammatory response among a few others. From the outset, before you launch your SMM campaign, you need to plan for the potential criticism that may come your...

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Top 20 Facebook Statistics - Updated January 2017

Major traffic update coming next week so please check back on the latest Most Valuable Facebook Statistics

Facebook represents a huge potential market for your social media efforts, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The following statistics highlight some relevant Facebook facts and can ultimately help you to navigate it better, increasing your return on...

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Social Listening – Its Importance and How it Works ...

Social Listening - Its Importance and How it Works?

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There have been a lot of overwhelming changes on how people communicate and interact with each other online in recent years - thanks to Social Media. It practically revolutionized the Internet into something that is more personal and participatory....

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Online Social Media and Networks: Impact on Marketing Practice

Online social media and networks have a growing role in marketing, which has important implications for how consumers, channels, and companies perform. In social media settings, consumers provide online feedback about products, and this feedback is visible to other agents, including other consumers, channel partners, competitors, and investors. Moreover, there is inherent variety in the way the...

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Marketing Strategist Job Description, Career Opportunities ...

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist Job Description and Common Tasks

Marketing strategy is more than just tactical; it aims to manage the opportunities available to an organization within the wider context of the marketplace. Marketing strategists manage the resources and openings in the marketplace to leverage those opportunities to an organization's best advantage. These professionals...

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2.1 Normative media theory - University of Leicester

2.1 Normative media theory

Media theory refers to the complex of social-political-philosophical principles which organize ideas about the relationship between media and society. Within this is a type of theory called `normative theory', which is concerned with what the media ought to be doing in society rather than what they actually do. In general, the dominant ideas about the obligations of...

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