50 Promotion Tactics To Include In Your Content Marketing ...


Get active with guest posts

It's no secret that guest posting is a powerful way to promote your brand and your content, but what many marketers get wrong is following the mistaken belief that you need to post on high volume sites to ensure visibility.  Instead, consider a recent HubSpot case study , which follows Bamidele Onibalusi, a writer and blogger who was able to secure 60,000 new...

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The benefits of social media recruiting | Onrec

So, social media makes real time engagement possible and allows companies to develop deeper connections with clients in ways that were previously not possible.


through social media,� employers �can reach candidates faster and at a lower cost because, as opposed to agencies, job boards or� referrals , recruiting with social media is totally free.

social media tools allow employers to engage with their target audience and easily identify whether the candidates are a good cultural fit for the company or not.

social media will spread the information about a company making more people aware of its job...

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10 Tips for Postcard Marketing Success | BizBest

With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, a few tried-and-true methods get forgotten. Postcards are one of them, but they are experiencing a revival as business owners re-discover their powerful charms to deliver results.

Postcards are a simple, low-cost sales tool that's easier to use than ever thanks to websites that offer turnkey postcard marketing services. These princely printed...

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How fleets use social media to recruit, retain drivers

Social media has become an essential strategic tool for influencing a market audience's habits. The point of using Facebook - at least for transportation companies - is to become part of the existing social habits of drivers, customers and other prospects.

Driver recruiting

Drivers are a fleet's primary Facebook audience. More than 96 percent of company drivers have a Facebook account, according...

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Is two-step flow theory still relevant for social media ...

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This is a learning module for the...

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Best Visual Marketing Apps to Create Social Media Graphics

Are you using graphics in your social media posts ?

Would you like to connect consumers to your business through visual marketing ?

Not only can the right graphic tell your company story, but they also optimize the consumer experience.

While you might have shied away from image creation in the past, new tools have emerged putting the power of visual marketing in the palm of your hands.

In this...

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