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10 Top Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Tools

06-03-2013 by melissaoconnor

And, with all of the statistics available, it...

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Social Media vs. Traditional Media: Which One Is For Your ...

Traditional media has been around for as long as we can remember, while social media is a fairly new introduction when it comes to marketing businesses. Many arguments have been made regarding which of these two is more effective to promote a brand to its target audience.

Whether you own an e-commerce site or an established brick-and-mortar store, you should know which of these is better suited...

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Metro Bank UK: A Missed Social Media Opportunity?

10-08-2010 by frankbradley

On the always excellent podcast For Immediate Release - there was a recent discussion about Metro Bank , the first UK bank to open its doors in over 100 years . The discussion centred on the bank's decision to focus on established media, i.e. newspaper, direct mail, billboards, radio etc, and not to incorporate any use

of Social Media. Are Metro Bank missing a trick here?

The way I see it, there are two places where they are going to get new customers - people setting up an account for the...

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Importance Of SWOT Analysis In Your Marketing Plan - Tweak ...


Technological factors

A controversial example of this is Disney's trademarking of "SEAL TEAM 6" . They saw the opportunity and quickly moved to make some profits. They later retracted the application bowing down to social pressure.

It'll be a bit hard to clearly identify opportunities and threats of your competitors, but listing down the known ones won't hurt. This will enable you to...

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