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18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets

March 25, 2012


Social Networks For Petlovers

As part of my niche social network series, today I am going to cast a light on social networks for pets! Yes, that's right, social media networks for Pets-Lovers, Owners and their pets. With over 170 million dog and cat owners in North America alone, there is clearly a strong social community...

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Social Network Analysis (SNA) Software with Sentinel ...

Sentinel Visualizer

Social Network Analysis

Sentinel Visualizer integrates Social Network Analysis (SNA) directly into your link chart diagrams so you can quickly generate SNA metrics on your data. Generate the raw data and see it visually all without programming!

Some of the key concepts of Network Metrics come from the field of Social Network Analysis (SNA). SNA provides a set of...

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The art of business relationships through social media

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"Ah, relationships," moaned a dejected Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) at the end of the film, Annie Hall, "Who needs them." The fact is that any business today, whether a sole proprietorship or a multi-national, needs to build relationships. Which is why knowing how to leverage the value that social networks can contribute to establishing and sustaining relationships is crucial. This...

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PosterOven - Social Poster Creator - Create, Print, Share!

FACT: Social Media Marketing is

an effective way to grow your local business.

Do you have the right tools to make it happen?

How It Works

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Choose from dozens of professionally designed...

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History of Social Work , details

Family therapy, ecomaps and genograms




It is probably safe to claim that not many social workers across the world know the name of Ann Hartman and the way she contributed to social work practice, although most know her contributions.

Hartman started her career in 1959 as a caseworker for the Summit County Child Welfare Board in Akron, Ohio. After receiving her master degree of social...

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Maker Studios

Maker Studios is a global digital media brand and the original creator network.

Founded in 2009 as a collaborative content engine, Maker Studios continues to innovate by producing award-winning original series featuring global creators both on our gaming entertainment channel POLARIS by MAKER and comedy channel The STATION by MAKER. We work to bring unique opportunities to creators around the...

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NGOs India : Resources for NGOs, NPOs, NGO, Funding ...

NGOs India : NGO Network of India - To support NGO

NGO Network India, NGO Resources

NGOs India is a national level Social Network of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Non Profit Organisations (NPO), Voluntary Organisations and Social Organisations. The members of NGOs India are from all over India.

Presently NGOsIndia.com is also providing an online web directory and NGO resources of Indian...

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Birmingham Social Media Cafe | #BrumSMC meets 10am-Noon ...

#BrumSMC meets 10am-Noon last Friday each month


Welcome to Birmingham Social Media Cafe #BrumSMC


Birmingham Social Media Cafe is a FREE monthly event is a place for people interested in social media to gather, get acquainted, chat, plot, scheme, and share.

If you are interested in the future of media, how we organise, share, produce and enjoy it, then come along.

Artist, film...

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