Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics

Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Since I first started following Chris about a year ago, he has been my

leading source for getting all insider information about Google Friend Connect

and so he truly has cut the amount of time I had to spend researching and

testing on GFC by 90%.

Lately I...

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Date: 2014-10-03 04:03:45
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Digital Marketing

For Good

We built Emergent so we can use digital marketing to make the world a better place. We focus on organizations trying to make a positive difference in our world. We give Social Enterprises, B-Corps, nonprofits and educational institutions instant access to our deep experience in emerging media. Our goal is to support those who are making this planet a better place,...

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10 Social Media Campaigns that Failed! Avoid their mistakes!

What truly defines a failed social media campaign? What are the factors and elements that drive a social media campaign to its doom? What are the worst social media campaigns online? What can be learned from the mistakes they have made?

Success is 99% Failure - This is why we like to learn from the failed campaigns!

In my previous post entitled " 10 Social Media Campaigns that Rock... ", I listed...

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