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15+ Best Drupal Social Networking Modules

Drupal is the most popular CMS platform right now, so it is very obvious that users will find some of the best social networking modules operating on this platform right now. And these modules serve more purposes than just helping users integrate their websites to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also see  Best Drupal Menu...

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Advice for Creating a Social Networking Site

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You may not like what you're about to learn about creating a social networking site, but I want to be honest and make sure you understand what you will be up against if you want this type of website.

First of all, if you don't have a trafficked website or a significant web presence, trying to create a website that is similar...

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Build a social networking site in Drupal 7? - Stack Overflow


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The Legal Implications of Social Networking: The Basics ...

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We are in the midst of a communications revolution.   Use of social media for communication purposes continues to grow, while "old school" messaging media like email is on the decline .  Facebook reportedly has reached 700 million users worldwide and is putatively valued at $50 billion dollars. Advertising revenue expected to be generated from social media is...

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Social Networking Site - Sentizens.com | Drupal.org

This project was developed from scratch by Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The idea of building a social network for senior citizens was conceptualized by our client, Zlife Systems Pvt. Ltd, and supported by one of the well-known construction groups of India, Paranjape Schemes Constructions Ltd. In India alone, there are currently 98 million people who are aged 60+, and that number is expected to rise...

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Open Source Social Networking Matchup: BuddyPress vs ...

Privacy controls

Community analytics

BuddyPress assumes that site administrators will add functionality through plugins as needed. Drupal Commons builds in features that can be turned on or off.

The 'groups' functionality is a perfect example. BuddyPress includes a Group Extension API so that you can extend groups with your own custom features. Drupal Commons groups include built-in events...

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