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Each semester offers a "building block" process with fundamentals and "real life" experiences delivered with advertising agency partners to nurture and inspire the student to a successful career in advertising and related industries.

Throughout each semester you develop and present a few full-fledged ad campaigns, from "live" briefs to "real clients", all with the goal of developing your personal...

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Date: 2017-03-10 11:20:39

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Which social media is right for my business? -

This comparative guide will help you decide which social media channels can work best for your business.


What's it about?

No need for introduction. Facebook is the number one network for people all over the world to connect and share content. Brands that are active on Facebook get to update their followers on exciting news, promote special deals and hold occasional online contests. They...

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Because people do judge a book by its cover & a brand by the quality of its website. Your website is the first touch point for any customer who wishes to connect with your brand. Explore what our website design and development team can create for you.

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Social Media

We help brands listen, understand and engage on social media. Our expertise lies in building brand...

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