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At Artisan Creative, we believe that a successful placement changes lives. It impacts our talent with opportunities for personal and professional growth, and our clients with the right team members to get the job done. For over twenty years, our clients have trusted our expertise to find the right match for graphic and web design,...

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High concept pitches for startups - Venture Hacks

"The Firefox of media players." ( Songbird )

"Massively Multiplayer Online Learning." ( Grockit )

"The entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs." (Sequoia)

"Venture Hacks." (Guess who.)

A high concept pitch distills a startup's vision into a single sentence.

What makes a good high concept pitch?

First, the pitch should be brief: one short sentence is perfect.

Second, people should already understand the building blocks of the pitch: buses, bombs, Jaws, space, the seven deadly sins, Flickr, Firefox, MMOGs, et cetera. The pitch combines the building blocks by using analogy, synthesis,...

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Website: http://venturehacks.com

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