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MEDIA THEORIES:Libertarian Theory Social Responsibility ...

Introduction to Mass Communication ­ MCM 101




The term media theory refers to a model that explains the relationship between media and social

reality. Media as an enterprise holds a unique status ­ from one way it is like an industry which gives its

products and service and earn money but from another way media is supposed to talk about society, people,

attitude, ...

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AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION:The Family The School Peer Groups ...

Socializationagents are the sources fromwhich we learn about societyand ourselves. People andgroups

that influence our self-concept, emotions, attitudes, and behavior arecalled agents of socialization.They

areour socializes. People whoserve as socializing agents include family members, friends, neighbors, the

police, the employers, teachers, politicalleaders, business leaders, religious...

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