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Social Media Marketing for Businesses | WordStream

Using social media for marketing can enable small business looking to further their reach to more customers. Your customers are interacting with brands through social media, therefore, having a strong social media marketing plan and presence on the web is the key to tap into their interest. If implemented correctly, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business.


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Date: 2017-03-10 06:04:04

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Our 13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips EVER! | WordStream

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Our 13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips EVER!

Last updated: Nov 29, 2016

Social Media

Just like the audiences you're hoping to target on Facebook and Twitter, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing . The strategies and techniques at your disposal are almost as varied and diverse as the types of people to whom you...

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Date: 2017-03-10 06:09:45

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Facebook vs. Google: Who Can Benefit Your Business More ...

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Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords: Which Should You Be Using?

Until recently, many advertisers viewed Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in an adversarial way. The two companies' long-standing rivalry, often dramatized by technology media outlets, was taken as irrefutable evidence that the two platforms were in direct competition with...

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Date: 2017-03-10 09:48:09

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How To Increase Blog Traffic: 5 Easy Steps to Stardom ...

You've been working hard on your blog, you feel established. Now it's time to get serious about traffic . We're right there with you friend - here are five easy steps you can start taking to increase blog traffic! Hi-Ho Silver!

1. Be Strategic About Your Content

If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content. You've probably heard this before...

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Date: 2017-03-10 11:23:31