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B2B Marketing | What is Business to Business Marketing?

Business-to-business marketing (or B2B marketing, as it is commonly known) involves the sale of one company's product or service to another company. (See also Industrial Marketing )

B2B marketing techniques rely on the same basic principles as consumer marketing, but are executed in a unique way. While consumers choose products based not only on price but on popularity, status, and other...

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Influencer Marketing | What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have a sway over the things other people buy. This market influence typically stems from an individual's expertise, popularity, or reputation. Marketing to an audience of influencers is similar to word of mouth marketing, but it doesn't rely strictly on explicit recommendations (See also...

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Integrated Marketing | What is Integrated Marketing?

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that stresses the importance of a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer. This means that each branding effort - across television, radio, print, Internet, and in person - is presented in a similar style that reinforces the brand's ultimate message (See also Brand Marketing ).


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Interactive Marketing | What is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive Marketing?

For many companies, this kind of top down advertising is no longer effective. Customers now expect to be welcome and respected participants in the brands they love. They don't want to be persuaded that something is worth buying; they want to contribute to making that brand better.

A survey conducted by found that 55% of respondents would prefer to have ongoing...

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Traditional Marketing | What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It's the most recognizable typse of marketing, encompassing the advertisements that we see and hear every day. Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone. (See also Cross-Media Marketing...

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