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Popular (but bad) Social Networking Advice You Should ...

Freelancers swear by social networking. They'll be the first to tell you how their freelance business has benefitted from it, that it has helped them build trust, relationships and spread the word about their work.

Freelancers use social media for two purposes: to socialize with their peers and to market their business, blog or product. As is the case with every niche, there's a ton of advice out...

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12 Types Of Social Network Users [Infographic] - Hongkiat

Published by Brian Voo , in Social Media

We have a wide range of social networks that most Internet users are addicted to and from this addiction rose 12 patterns of users that you would probably find on your own social network feeds. This new breed of social media personalities is getting the spotlight today as we look into their ridiculous idiosyncracies that make the...

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Free Social Media Icon Sets - Best Of - Hongkiat

"The set consists of various popular social media icons and is available in two different sizes - 64 x 64px and 128 x 128px." Beautifully designed and baked for Onextrapixel by Helen Gizi.


We want to take this chance to thank all designers and publishers who made these icon sets...

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55 Interesting Social Media Infographics - Hongkiat

Fantastic news for all you social media addicts out there because we've complied a total of 60 infographics that...

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