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Top 10 social media analytics tools: The VentureBeat index ...

Consumers and businesses alike have something to learn from just about all of your social media interactions. How many people did your post reach? What sort of links do your followers like best? Does anything you do online even matter?

Fortunately, the rise of social media has been accompanied by the creation of tools to that analyze the impact of most of your social media activities. For anyone...

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For many brands, social media ‘conversations’ are only ...

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In the years since it entered marketers' radar screens, social media marketing has often been described as conducting "conversations."

But the facts just don't bear that out.

The dominant setting for social media is Facebook, made king by its nearly 1.25...

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Social network hi5 launches program to court game ...

Social network hi5 is unveiling a program today that it hopes will snare more social game developers who will make exclusive games for its 50 million users.

The San Francisco company has been ramping up its strategic shift into games for a while. It hired Alex St. John, a video game pioneer, in late November as president and chief technology officer. A week ago, it announced that it will make its...

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Above: founder Dalton Caldwell

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