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How To Set Measurable Goals for Your Social Media Marketing


If I had a dollar for every time I've been told how important social media is, I'd be off vacationing in Bora Bora right now. My frustration with the "social media pitch" is that people are making very strong claims without backing them up.

What smart marketers want to know is, how do I quantitatively measure my efforts on social media?

In today's post, we'll be covering which KPIs...

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The Psychology of Social Proof & How to Build Trust in ...

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Everybody's doing it. Sound familiar? It should. It's brain science. People tend to do what other people are doing. Psychologists call this conformity, herd behavior, or the bandwagon effect. Marketers call it social proof.

The goal is to increase conversions by giving evidence that you are accepted by others. Visitors, influencers, subscribers, and buyers all trust you. This...

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6 Things We All Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Now


3. Blanket publishing across all networks

Not to be confused with my arch-nemesis automated messaging, automated publishing - scheduling posts to be published at a later time - is the best and essential for anyone working in or with social media.

Automated publishing saves a ton of time, energy and gray hairs (shout-out to Buffer and Hootsuite for making my job that much...

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75 Marketing Blogs - Unbounce

Wanna learn more about new online marketing strategies? Good luck! The thing that gets most people is that the most informative blogs are also the ones that put out a mass number of posts per day, which is hard to keep up with. This is why I want to share with you some great blogs as a whole, as well as blogs that offer category-specific RSS feeds. This way, you can subscribe to only the topics...

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7 Actionable Testing Ideas to Optimize Your Social Media ...


Make Bill Nye proud. Use science to optimize your social media campaigns. Photo by Ed Schipul .

Conversion rate optimization is often associated with increasing sales and revenue. But the principles of CRO can be used to improve any desired action.

In this post, I want to focus on applying CRO principles to social media campaigns. How can we use tactics like A/B testing and heat maps...

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How to Write Effective Social Media Headlines that Drive ...

Simply put, social media promotion is all about a headline and a link.

So, what is the number one skill you'll need to master if you want to get the most "bang for your buck" out of social media?

Crafting a spectacular headline! (Harder than it sounds - so read on...)

The Purpose of the Headline

Caught your attention, right? I'd keep reading! ( source )

The only purpose of any headline is to...

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The Beginners Guide to Running a Social Media Contest


The real gold medal will go to whichever platform works best for you. But Facebook definitely gets negative points for it's tougher restrictions.

So you're ready to launch your first social media contest on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. This is a great way to engage more with your customers and enhance your online profile. There's...

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10 Landing Page Examples For the Social Good - Unbounce

You've just eliminated one extra click standing in your way of conversions.


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Punch up your headline

This headline gets a C-. To get an A it needs to move me and provide some powerful figures. The points to get across are already in the copy so we can pull some for the headline:

More Than 10 Million Refugees need the support of generous people like you

What's with...

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