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Social Media College Degrees and Courses

Most Social Media professionals studied subjects like marketing, communications and computer science while in college. Practicing social media professionally requires more skills than any component subject covers.


As demand has grown for trained social media managers and analysts,...

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Radio and Social Media | Social Media Sun

Radio and social media are often referred to (with no hard feelings here!) as old media and new media. While the words "old" and "new" create an image of opposites, radio and social media share common ground.


As a medium, radio has always had immediacy on its side. Until the emergence of social media, no other medium was able to react as quickly to breaking news or world crisis. Radio and...

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Social Media Rumors and Hoaxes | Social Media Sun

Social media rumors have been around as long as the Internet and hoaxes have spread from email to chat rooms and networking sites. With this quirk of social networking space, we can learn a lot from the mistakes of others. It's only takes a second to click that share button but how do you know what you are reading and sharing is true? If you're sharing a post that seems highly suspicious without...

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