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Social Network Change Detection by Ian McCulloh, Kathleen ...

Changes in observed social networks may signal an underlying change within an organization, and may even predict significant events or behaviors. The breakdown of a team's effectiveness, the emergence of informal leaders, or the preparation of an attack by a clandestine network may all be associated with changes in the patterns of interactions between group members. The ability to systematically, statistically, effectively and efficiently detect these changes has the potential to enable the...

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Strategic behavior in online reputation systems

University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School of Business

Date Written: June 9, 2013


This study examines how sellers respond to changes in the design of reputation systems on eBay. Specifically, we focus on one particular strategic behavior on eBay's reputation system - the sellers' explicit retaliation and subsequent revoking of negative feedback provided by buyers. We examine how these strategic sellers respond to the removal of their ability to retaliate against buyers and to revoke negative feedback. We utilize the biggest policy change of eBay's reputation system in its history, which...

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