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Introduction to China’s social media landscape – Icon ...

Introduction to China's social media landscape

11 of the most popular Chinese social media platforms

There is a common misconception, especially amongst communications and marketing experts, that China's social media landscape is limited by the censorship laws that prohibit citizens from participating in the most popular global social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many...

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6 Crucial Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid – Josh ...

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The quickest way to burnout is by getting on too many social media platforms. I can name at least 10 off the top of my head, but there's way more. Here's a full list of social networking websites , if you're interested.

I recommend that you go only where you top customers go.

For most businesses, Facebook is a given. That's because Facebook has one billion users worldwide....

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Top 10 Canadian Social Media Sites for the year 2013

When it comes to online networking , Canada ranks in the top three countries from around the world. Canadians are known as the global frontrunners in the usage of social networking sites. Here is a list of top 10 Canadian social media sites for the year 2013:


Canada has the maximum number of Facebook users. As per...

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Marketing on social networks – Manoj Singh Rathore – Medium

4. Marketing through advertisements on social networking sites.

You may achieve all of these marketing objectives at the lowest possible cost

Access to effective social media marketing of the major issues of public relations over the Internet, Access to new customers and maintain their loyalty, or even advertising on search engines is considered one of the most important challenges of public relations online. So that the course of action followed by our experts in includes a focus on business goals have also concentrated...

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