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Social Media marketing in China, 3 Different Approaches

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Social Media marketing in China, 3 Different Approaches

Posted by Philip | Mar 22, 2016 | advertising in China , branding in China , Business in China , Digital Marketing China , E-Marketing in China , ecommerce China , ecommerce China , Marketing Research in China , Story telling | 2 |

Our agency's purpose is to helps implanted companies in China to be more known in a spaceful and...

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What are “influencers” on social media platforms in China ...

Influencers could be bloggers, celebrities or people who have great presence on social media platforms and a vast amount of followers.

For brands it is very important locate these people because they can help them to reach the masses in China and exert influence on them in brand's benefit. Influencers are also vital to rapidly increase the brand awareness. However, the brands must choose...

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