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The Importance of Social Media within a Business | Digital ...

Recently, Facebook reported that its quarterly profit jumped 90% from the same time last year. This is somewhat due to spiralling advertising revenue, but it also highlighted an increase in its monthly active users, now totalling 1.35 billon people worldwide.

Coincidentally, the 1st October this year marked the third anniversary of the film, "The Social Network", signifying a milestone in the...

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Date: 2017-03-09 15:51:37

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Tips for Protecting your Reputation Online | Digital ...

Tips for Protecting your Reputation Online

By Lauren Sutton

Posted in Digital Marketing on

6 January 2014, 13:00


A few years ago, the internet was barely being used and social media was just a figment of our imagination. However, with the invention of Facebook and the subsequent explosion of social media platforms, people were suddenly becoming much more active and visible online....

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Date: 2017-03-09 15:51:37

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Social Media | Digital Marketing Magazine

Is digital content now an essential part of the marketer's mix? Sandstorm wants to gain...

- 10 March 2017, 08:30 in Data

Love it or hate it, Mobile World Congress (MWC) never fails to turn heads in...

- 27 February 2017, 09:00 in Social Media

Early last April, 1.32 billion Facebook users suddenly found live video as easily accessible as uploading a photo when Mark Zuckerberg's...

- 24 February 2017, 08:30 in Social Media

Fashion Week used to be an invitation-only event, attended only by the rich and famous....

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Date: 2017-03-10 10:22:22

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