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2016 Canadian Social Media Use and Online Brand ...

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When Canadians have a complaint about a company, they prefer to vent on Facebook, followed by Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. It's absolutely critical that online consumer complaints be monitored and addressed, making social customer support and PR an absolute must in today's marketplace. You can make the job easier with social media monitoring tools like Canada's Hootsuite...

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2015 Canadian Social Media Usage Statistics

January 12, 2015


A 2015 study conducted by Forum Research indicates that Facebook is still the top social network in Canada, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The statistics include satisfaction ratings with each network, lead by Instagram. LinkedIn and Instagram usage is increasing, while Facebook and Twitter growth has virtually leveled off.

2015 Canadian Social Media...

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Canadian Digital, Social and Mobile Statistics on a Global ...

January 23, 2014


Sometimes you don't really know where you are until you see where the other guy is. has gathered statistics from multiple data sources around the world and compiled it all into comparison charts.  They released their data in January, 2014, and we're bringing it to you from the Canadian perspective.  While the multiple sources provide a bigger, and...

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Drop Shipping and Wholesale for Canadian Online Sellers

Drop shipping is a simple enough concept. You make arrangements with a wholesale supplier or manufacturer to sell their products direct online, as opposed to having an inventory of products in your physical location. You can offer these products on your own website, or via online auctions like eBay, or through a sellers' market like Amazon.

When a customer orders the product, you pay the supplier...

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